Property Accessibility

About the property:

  • The lobby is not wheelchair accessible, but check-in can be completed without accessing the lobby.
  • The beach is not wheelchair accessible, but the grilling area is.
  • There is one designated handicap parking spot
  • The distance from the parking spot to the entrance of Caribe is 40 ft.

About the room:
The Caribe suite is the only designated ADA room (subject to availability). The room has the following features:

  • 34" wide entrance door. No ramp is available to enter the room.
  • 32” distance from the wall to the bedside. 36" distance from other bed side to the bathroom entrance.
  • There is no inside dining table. The outside table is 30" high.
  • Kitchen countertops are 36" high.
  • There is a 72" turnaround space on the right side of the counter and 37" on the left side

About the bathroom:

  • The bathroom door is 34”.
  • There is no roll in shower.
  • There is no knee space under the sink.
  • The toilet is 16" tall.
  • Bathroom clearance from toilet to sink is 36".
  • There are grab bars behind and to the left of the toilet at 34" height